Why it still was the right thing to create Kylix

Why it still was the right thing to create Kylix

It's often said that Kylix didn't make enough money.

Non-public quote from a Borland Technology Partner removed it basicly said that without Kylix, todays Delphi user base likely would have been smaller.

The quote is from Michael Swindell, the BDS product manager. It goes like this:

"When it launched I think it was selling more in license $ (not in support/services) than any other Linux application, tool, or distro that year. That was the year Borland's stock briefly hit 20+ for while on the Linux boom. I like to think that Kylix generated moderate millions in sales, but a half billion dollars in Borland shareholder value ~ albeit briefly."

The assumption of Name removed that Delphi today possibly would have been in a much worse market position than it is without Kylix appears to be quite valid - the author of this document would have been gone to the competition, and probably many of the 25.000 Borland customers that downloaded CrossKylix would have, too.